About us

Barnet and Chase Farm Hospitals NHS Trust is a major hospital trust based in north London, across two main hospital sites, providing general and specialist care to patients.

Every year we treat thousands of families offering high quality, specialist hospital treatments and therapies to over half a million patients from Barnet, Enfield, Haringey, East Harrow, South Hertfordshire, South Essex and Waltham Forest.

Our mission statement

Barnet and Chase Farm Hospitals NHS Trust will deliver excellent patient outcomes and care, of which patients, the public and staff can be proud.

Our objectives

We will work towards securing the organisation’s future as part of an NHS Foundation Trust by 2014 through the following objectives: 

  • We will provide safe, accessible and modern clinical care.
  • We will respect the privacy and dignity of our patients and ensure the best possible patient experience, encouraging and acting upon patient feedback.
  • We will work with GPs, commissioners, partners and other stakeholders to deliver more integrated care in primary and community settings reflecting the diverse needs of our community.
  • We will deliver excellent operational performance and patient outcomes.
  • Staff will be engaged in the success of the organisation and have an equal opportunity to contribute to it.
  • We will continue to deliver financial performance in accordance with our long term financial plan.

Where we fit in

The Guide to the Healthcare System in England explains organisations in the healthcare system and how they work together and includes the Statement of NHS Accountability.

This interactive diagram gives an overview of the new health and care system from April 2013. It illustrates the statutory bodies that will make up the new system, oriented around people and communities and where they receive their local health and care services.

“Consistent and professional care, delivered in a friendly way.”

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“Quality of care, sympathy and sensitivity demonstrated by everyone from the ward manager to the cleaners.”

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