New units for reporting Hb and MCHC

Last updated 23-Jan-13 17:44

The units for reporting Hb and MCHC are changing

The units of reporting for Haemoglobin (Hb) and mean cell haemoglobin
concentration (MCHC), which are part of the FBC, will be changing to the SI
units of g/L from the current g/dL.

This change is due to the national consensus group on pathology results
identifying that the g/dL unit is out of consensus with most other countries and
does not follow the convention of reporting, where possible, in SI units.

These changes have to be achieved by 31st March 2013, and we are currently
working towards that date. Further updates will be provided as we approach

What does this change mean?

A Hb of 12.6 g/dL will become 126 g/L and a Hb of 7.6g/dL, which is in the
anaemia range, will become 76 g/L. Likewise, a MCHC of 34.6 g/dL will
become 346 g/L. Essentially, the numbers will remain the same but there will
no longer be a decimal point in the result (the decimal point actually moves one
place to the right!)

All of the laboratory reference limits will be changed to reflect the new reporting
format and the user will be provided with the new limits

Please don’t hesitate to contact the Haematology laboratory at either Barnet
(020 8216 4883) or Chase Farm (020 8375 1933) if you have any queries
regarding these changes, or any other aspect of the Haematology service.

Mr P Gregory
Haematology Service Manager
December 2012